Reusable Tea Strainer

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Did you know that nearly all tea bags have plastic lining on them? So they do not biodegrade in compost or in soil!

Why not get some loose leaf tea instead and enjoy with this plastic-free tea strainer.

This zero waste plastic free tea strainer is perfect for having loose leaf tea without feeling guilty about throwing plastic lined tea bags in the big.


  • Wide mouth & handle perfect for teapots, mugs, cups or glass bottles
  • Handles on both sides help lifting & avoids scalding with hot steam
  • Fine mesh filters the smallest tea leaves, giving you mess-free tea
  • Easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and won’t rust!
  • Made of food grade stainless steel (70% recycled)
  • Keeps drink free from the odour and taste of metal
  • Plastic free & biodegradable packaging
  • 1 x Tree planted for every purchase


How to use: Place loose tea leaves in strainer, place strainer in cup or mug, pour hot water and leave till desired strength is achieved, remove the strainer and enjoy your tea.

If tea stains occur, simply use baking soda dissolved in warm water. Then wipe tea strainer after use to keep it in a great condition.

This tea strainer should hopefully last over 20 years. When it does come to it’s end of life, simply put it in your metal recycling or upcycle the item using your own creativity.

    • Strainer made from 100% food grade stainless steel 304 that won’t rust (70% recycled).

    • Comes with no plastic packaging whatsoever

    • Comes in a recycled Kraft Paper Box

    Message from Maker:

    Hi, my name is Qingfeng Li. I am 45 years old and have been working with the company for 13 years. I have found well paying, consistent, and satisfying work through this job. I live in Anping County with my family and my hobbies are singing and Kung Fu. Each morning I get up early and go to practice it with my friends. I made the hole part of the tea strainer. By making it have uniform hole size, customers are satisfied after using. I hope you love the tea strainer as much as we do.


    Work Place Transparency:

    The strainer was made at a factory located in Anping county in the Hebei Province in China. The monthly minimum wage in the Hebei Province is 1380 RMB. However, the the makers at the factory are paid RMB 19/hour, thus 3040 RMB per month which is equivalent to £355 a month. Work is 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week. Workers are given time off for holidays based on China’s labor laws. To ensure the health and safety for their works, the factory gives annual health checks and provides good food, fruits and vegetables to the workers through their factory canteen. The workers also have a union, and their feedback is highly valued by the company.


    Zero Waste Club was founded in the UK by two students who wanted to make Plastic Free living easy and cheap as possible. They now provide a range of plastic free essentials.



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