Copper Tongue Scraper

Product Description
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Tongue scraping. We get it, it’s not the most glamorous thing to do, but if you want healthier teeth and gums, fresh breath, an improved sense of taste then it’s time to get scraping.

Made from 100% copper, this tongue scraper will last you a lifetime. 

Oral hygiene has never looked so good.



  • 100% recyclable
  • Travel pouch included
  • Plastic free packaging
  • Vegan & cruelty free
  • Made ethically 


    Tongue scraper: 100% Copper

    Travel Pouch / Sleeve: 45% Organic cotton and 55% Linen - all natural, vegan and biodegradable.

    Packaging: Recycled unbleached Kraft paper. 100% recyclable and plastic free. 

    End of life:  The Copper Tongue Scraper can easily be put in the metal recycling. We do hope it lasts a lifetime or at least a few decades.

    The cotton and linen mix fabric pouch can be chopped up and added to home compost as ‘brown’ material or you could chop it up and throw it under the ground!.

    Brown kraft paper packaging can be recycled in the normal paper recycling.


    Workplace Transparency:

    ZWC's production facility is based in Zheijang in China. The makers gets paid on minimum 10% above the Zheijang minimum wage.

    ZWC offset their carbon emissions and more by planting a tree for every item they sell. This product does not have any animal derivatives and no unnatural substances were used. No plastic or chemicals used. 100% Vegan and plastic-free.


    Message from the maker:

    Hello! My name is FanWu, I’ve worked at the factory for 4 years. I love working here in Zhejiang, China because I love seeing the new products being developed and created. Outside of work, I love sports and reading books. Hope you enjoy this Copper Tongue Scraper that I have helped to create.

    How to use:

    Simply place the curved edge of the tongue scraper on the back of your tongue and with a little gentle pressure (gentle is the key word here, no Rambo moves) pull the scraper towards the front of your tongue.

    Give it a rinse then keep going until your tongue is squeaky clean.

    Make sure you give the tongue scraper a good clean at the end of use and dry it thoroughly before popping it back in its handy travel pouch (made from an oh-so-chic organic cotton and linen blend).



    Zero Waste Club was founded in the UK by two students who wanted to make Plastic Free living easy and cheap as possible. They now provide a range of plastic free essentials.


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