Vegetable Burlap Bag - Extra Large - AH! Table!

Brand: AH! Table!
Product Description
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A breathable and natural jute bag made for storing your fruit and root vegetables.  This bag also has a side zip for easy use and organic cotton black lining for better preservation.

Burlap bags/ sacks are ideal for the transport and storage of root vegetables and fruits such as apples, carrots, potatoes, garlic and onions. 

How the bags work: Your fruit and veg will release moisture whilst they are being stored and the sacking material (unlike plastic) allows them to breathe whilst still excluding light, this helps the food to keep for longer!


  • Helps fruit and veg to keep for longer
  • Made with sustainable natural materials
  • Organic cotton cord & black liner


    Carry and store your fruit and root vegetables in these bags.  This bag has a side zip that goes half way up from the bottom for easy access. 

    Place the bag in a cool, dry, dark and ventilated area.

    Please note: It is best to store some vegetables separately, potatoes should be in a separate bag to onions for example as onions emit ethylene gas which speeds ripening in potatoes.

    Materials: Jute burlap cloth bag with organic cotton cord.  Bag has opaque black organic cotton lining. This bag has a zip with a metal pull.  (The zip runner is plastic).

    Size: 30cm x 50cm (Extra large)

    Packaging: Paper label (with a small plastic tag).

    The burlap is cultivated and manufactured in India by an artisan and sustainable company.


    Ah! Table!® is a products range dedicated to the natural kitchen, produced in France or Europe with ecological criteria and renewable raw materials shaped by artisans.

    Produce preference is given to natural raw materials coming from organic farming (cotton, coco fibers, agave, terracotta). 


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