Vegan Bamboo Shaving Brush - Rugged Nature

Product Description
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A sustainable bamboo handled shaving brush with vegan bristles by Rugged Nature.

The bristles are soft with a nice feel and great lather! 


  • Creates a great lather 
  • Handle made from sustainable bamboo
  • Vegan bristles (no badger hair!)

    Materials: The handle is made from sustainable bamboo.  The vegan bristles are nylon as the only alternative to nylon bristles would be badger hair! 


    "Rugged Nature began in 2018 when as a family we needed an alternative to high street hair products because all of the common brands had perfumes which were causing our asthmatic mother to well.. not be able to breathe. We decided to make our own solution to this problem, so began experimenting with some natural ingredients to make less scented alternatives.

    After months of formulating and testing we arrived with some of the first products we still have today, hair waxes made from only a handful of Natural UK sourced ingredients to gain results which are a wonderful natural alternative to the products on the high street.

    Skip forward 6 months and we had gotten carried away developing Hair Clay, Beard Products and more, all formulated and professionally safety tested. We were then ready to hit the craft fairs and artisan markets. Our handmade products sold rapidly and soon we had local shops asking to stock our range.

    Now Rugged Nature is an expanding brand of natural cosmetics, and if you haven't tried it out yet, we would invite you to give it a go!

    Tested on students, not animals, handmade in the UK and fully CPSR tested you can be sure you are buying a safe, quality product either for yourself or as a gift to a loved one."


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