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An eco friendly alternative to single use / plastic nail files.

Glass nail files are so much kinder to your nails. They file your nails much more evenly, helping to prevent splits and chipping. As well as being much more hygienic (glass can be washed) they do not wear out.

These reusable nail files come in eco-friendly wooden cases which keep them protected, so they are great for travel and also easier to find in your bag too!

The way these files are manufactured means that they will never wear down, so as long as you look after them, you should never have to replace them!



  • Plastic free
  • Reusable
  • Protective case



Materials: The file is made of sustainable glass.

Length: 10 cm

Packaging: Wooden case

Warning: Sharp object - please keep out of reach of children.


Fresh Therapies was founded by the lovely Nicola in 2006. 

As a beauty therapist, Nicola wasn’t allowed to grow long nails and wearing coloured nail polish was a waste of time when using nail polish remover day in, day out.  The constant washing of hands in between clients made her nails dry, weak and dehydrated due to the anitbac handwash that was supplied.

Natural and organic products hadn’t come to the forefront back then!

So Nicola created a nicer smelling natural nail polish remover which doesn’t strip the natural oils from your nails.


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