Compostable Dental Floss in Bamboo Case

Brand: Flawless
Product Description
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The Flawless Dental Floss is an eco-friendly, natural floss made from corn fibre and infused with peppermint oil to help you keep your teeth clean and fresh whilst being kind to the environment.

It comes in a reusable, sustainable bamboo dispenser meaning you can use it again and again with easy-to-use refills. 


  • Plastic free floss that is compostable
  • Refillable dispenser
  • Zero waste 
  • Vegan and cruelty free
  • Infused with peppermint oil
  • Coated in vegan olive wax

Ingredients: Corn fibre, olive wax, peppermint oil

Packaging: Unique sustainable bamboo case in recyclable kraft paper box. 

Size: 30 metres in length (should last for approx. 3 months if used everyday).

How to use:

Take 20-25 cm of dental floss and wrap the ends around the index fingers of each hand.

Carefully glide between the teeth to clean.

Due to the fibres of our eco dental floss being made from bamboo, some shredding of the floss is to be expected.

To avoid this we recommend using a clean unused area of floss for each pass through of the teeth.

Flawless are a 100% vegan, cruelty free and zero waste cosmetics company. 

They launched in 2016 when their founder Charmaine set out to purchase a new set of makeup brushes.  After learning that many brushes are manufactured with cruelly farmed animal hair Charmaine set about searching for makeup brushes that were of a professional standard, affordable and cruelty-free. This was a challenge. 

Most makeup brushes had one or two of these factors but never all three. So she decided to launch her own line of makeup brushes. That's when Flawless was born.

Flawless believe in offering customers exceptional quality cosmetic products that perform to professional standards. It is important to them that all of their items are designed and handcrafted with respect for the natural environment. 

All of their products are zero waste, cruelty-free, vegan and have been approved by PETA.

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