Eco-Friendly Floss Picks

Brand: Brushd.
Product Description
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Reduce your impact on the environment with these eco-friendly floss picks by Brushd.

The floss is made with plant based cornstarch and the handles are fully recyclable, in plastic free packaging. 



  • Pack of 60 picks
  • Vegan and cruelty free
  • Plant based floss (cornstarch)
  • Plastic free packaging


How to use:

Guide the floss between your teeth

Gently run up and down teeth

The floss pick can be used to remove any remaining debris.

Warning:  It is common for gums to bleed when you first start flossing.  If bleeding continues, this may be a s sign of gum disease and you should consult your dentist. 


    Materials: Floss is made from plant based cornstarch.  The handle is made from recyclable plastic. 

    Packaging: 100% plant based cardboard box and compostable. 

    Brushd. is an eco-friendly dental care brand offering a complete range of products that decrease our plastic pollution without compromising on your oral health.

    Brushd. have been working hard to formulate a range of products that promote good oral care while reducing our plastic pollution at the same time. Their toothpaste tablets are recommended by dentists to leave your teeth and gums feeling clean and healthy. They do not compromise on the health benefits and reduce plastic pollution at the same time!

    Brushd. plant a tree for every item sold through Tree Nation as well. 

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