Ceramic Oil Burner

Brand: Bio Scents
Product Description
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A minimalistic style ceramic oil burner by Bio Scents. 

Both essential oils and wax melts are amazing to use with an oil burner to fragrance your room in a natural way. These ceramic oil burners are hand made in small batches in an art studio in Portugal.

Carefully designed in a minimalistic style, to fit your modern interior and both suitable for wax melts and essential oils.



  • Ceramic
  • Minimalistic style
  • Sustainable
  • Zero Waste
  • Handmade & crafted in Portugal


How to use:

If you’re using essential oils, just add a layer of water in the cup of the burner. Add 3-10 drops of essential oil, depending on your preference. Place a tealight inside the oil burner and place in the center of your room.

Using with Wax Melts:

Place a wax melt in the cup of the burner. Place a tealight inside the oil burner and place the burner in the center of your room. If your wax melt doesn’t fragrance anymore, just add an extra couple drops of essential oils to the wax while it’s hot, to re-fragrance the wax.


Materials: Ceramic

Based in the South of Portugal, Bio Scents make a wide range of high quality natural and mainly organic essential oils, body oils and wax melts.  They believe great personal care and sustainability should be two sides of one coin, and that your home & body deserve only the best.

That’s why all of their products are 100% natural (none of their products contain artificial fragrances, colourants, alcohol or even water) and why they are constantly improving the sustainability of their packaging. Bio Scents are soon introducing refill bottles for their body oils, so the plastic pump and bamboo cap can be reused.

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