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A set of 2 extra large reusable sanitary pads in the new Plants design by Baba+Boo.

Reusable sanitary pads are a bit like reusable wipes - once you've tried them you'll wish you'd swapped earlier.

Did you know that most women throw away around 11,000 plastic-filled sanitary products in a lifetime, and spend over £1,000 for the privilege?  That is just crazy!

This set of 2 extra large reusable sanitary pads (perfect for overnight if you have a heavy period or post-partum) are soft and much kinder on your skin than plastic-filled pads.  They are also cheaper in the long run and better for the planet!

Win, Win, Win!



  • Reusable
  • Poppers ensure that the pads stay firmly in place so that slips and leaks are a thing of the past.
  • This set is perfect for overnight if you have a heavy period
  • Can be used post-partum. 
  • Soft on your skin
  • Pack of 2 pads


Pre-wash your pads a couple of times before you use them for the first time to increase their absorbency.

After you've used your pads it's a good idea to rinse them in cold water to prevent staining.

Simply pop them in a bag and when your period has finished wash them all up to 60 degrees. Please don't use fabric conditioner as this will make your pads less absorbent.

Avoid direct heat - air drying is best.


These reusable sanitary pads are made with an outer layer of super-soft bamboo charcoal fleece, which is really absorbent, reduces smells and is lovely and soft. Inside the pad are three layers of absorbent microfibre and a layer of waterproof breathable PUL.

The small poppers are made of plastic, but the pads are reusable so a lot of plastic will be saved by not using normal plastic-filled sanitary pads.

Extra large set of 2 pads are both 30 x 23 cm (with wings). The main pad is 9 cm.

Baba+Boo is run in the UK by Eve, who is an "accidental business woman".  Eve decided to set up a business after leaving work and becoming a stay at home mum, she hated the thought of throwing away disposable nappies so set up Baba+Boo making and selling amazing reusable nappies and sanitary pads. 

They use their experience of working with fab manufacturers to ensure that their products are made under the right conditions. No children make the products and they are made by happy people, who don't work stupidly long hours. All of Baba+Boo's factories have to adhere to their strict ethical code of conduct. They ensure the products are tested too, to ensure that they don't contain any nasty chemicals. 

As a company, Baba+Boo support Bliss (a charity that helps premature and sick babies in the UK) and give monthly donations.  They also support Nkouranga Orphange in Tanzania. Every 3 months or so, they send out pre-loved nappies for the babies in the orphanage and sponsor a child there.

Baba+Boo also buy trees. They offset their carbon footprint and they recycle everything when they can.

Eve says that " Seven years on and I have stopped about 15 million disposable nappies going to landfill. I love that. Being in business, is about making a difference. It has allowed me to stay home with my children and make tonnes of memories with them. But I am so proud of the difference that Baba & Boo makes to this world and we couldn't do it without you." 

We think they are amazing!

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