We plant trees! šŸŒ³

We plant a tree for every order at The Earth Shop.

I have always wanted to create a business that gives back to nature and I am so happy to now have reforestation as an integral part of our business model at The Earth Shop.

Trees are so important as they clean our air and water, they provide homes for wildlife and contribute to our health and wellbeing and planting trees creates jobs for social impact too.Ā 

Trees are also important in the fight against the climate crisis as they absorb harmful carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and every tree we plant will make a positive impact on nature, people and our planet.

We have planted trees in Australia to help them recover from their devastating bush fires and also in Ghana to improve forest health where rapid deforestation has happened.Ā  Trees have been donated to help wildfire recovery areas on the west coast of North America where millions of acres of trees burned in 2020, we donated trees to help chimpanzees in Uganda with the Jane Goodall Institute and more recently trees were donated for a project on the Pacific Northwest to help restore natural habitats for the 75 remaining Southern Resident Orcas. To date we have donated 2,125 trees!