About Us

The Earth Shop is a 100% vegan, cruelty free and plastic free online shop. All our orders are sent out in plastic free biodegradable packaging. We donate a % of our total profits to animal charities have planted over 3,500 trees too!  The Earth Shop was founded by myself (Emma) as a one stop shop for all things vegan and sustainable in early 2019.

Why Vegan & Cruelty Free?

I have been an animal advocate for as long as I can remember and went vegan around 13 years ago.  After being a vegetarian for 14 years, someone challenged me about the cruelty involved in the dairy and egg industries and asked why I didn't care about those animals?  As soon as I heard this and started thinking more about it I knew I had to go vegan and I have been a vegan ever since.  As for cruelty free, I have always been against testing on animals and I only support cruelty free brands.

Plastic Free?

When I found out about the plastic pollution in our seas and learnt how long it actually takes for plastic items to biodegrade (500 years for a toothbrush!), I decided to try and reduce the plastic waste in my home, little steps at a time.  I initially bought some plastic free solid shampoo and soap bars which I was surprised to find were really nice to use.  I started using reusable bags and flasks and trying to buy items with no plastic packaging. 

How The Earth Shop began...

Being a vegan, I am good at reading labels!  But it can be really hard to find the things you want in the shops and even harder when you want them to be both vegan and plastic free.  It's so frustrating when you find something that seems to be plastic free and vegan (yay!) only to discover that it contains some milk or beeswax!  So that is how the idea for The Earth Shop came about, I personally needed a one stop shop for all things good for the Earth that I trusted, so I thought why don't I just create it myself! 

ECO-FRIENDLY PRODUCTS:  I have partnered with some amazing brands who all share my ethos and their products are all good for animals, good for people and good for our Earth.  Everything we sell is 100% vegan and cruelty free.  All our products are plastic free and either zero waste, compostable or reusable. I have sourced products made in the UK as much as possible to reduce my shops carbon footprint.  We are also powered by 100% green renewable energy in our warehouse unit.

PLASTIC FREE PACKAGING:  With regard to our packaging, rest assured, we only use plastic free and biodegradable packaging, which can be composted, reused or recycled.  Even our parcel tape is plastic free (and we sell it in our shop).

CHARITY DONATIONS: We really do care about animals at The Earth Shop and we donate a percentage of our total profits between two amazing animal charities - South Essex Wildlife Hospital and Hillside Animal Sanctuary in Norfolk.  

I hope that my shop helps you on your plastic free and vegan journey.  At this moment in history, because of the way humans currently live, our planet is in a climate crisis and it is SO important that everybody makes eco-friendly changes in their lives if we are going to prevent a climate catastrophe.  We have to work together, encourage each other and act now!

I hope you find this shop useful, motivating and inspiring. There is so much power in what people purchase and where they spend their money.  I hope The Earth Shop will harness that power and encourage people to care for and protect our beautiful planet and all those we share it with for future generations.

Love Emma x