A range of plastic free dental products.


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Bamboo Interdental Brushes Pack x 5 - Brushd.

Bamboo Interdental Brushes x 5

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Mouthwash Tablets - Peppermint - Brushd.

Mouthwash Tablets Peppermint

Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper - Brushd.

Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper

Mouthwash Tablets Refill Pack - Peppermint - Brushd.

Mouthwash Tablets Refill Peppermint

Vegan Corn Dental Floss - Brushd.

Natural Corn Dental Floss

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Toothpaste Tablets (With Fluoride) Refill Pack - Brushd.

Toothpaste Tablets With Fluoride Refill Pack

Toothpaste Tablets (With Fluoride) - Brushd.

Toothpaste Tablets Fluoride

Recyclable Electric Toothbrush Heads - Brushd.

Electric Toothbrush Heads x2

Toothpaste Tablets (Fluoride Free) - Brushd.

Toothpaste Tablets Fluoride Free

Mouthwash Tablets Refill Pack - Lemon - Brushd.

Mouthwash Tablets Refill Lemon

Toothpaste Tablets (Fluoride Free) Refill Pack - Brushd.

Toothpaste Tablets Fluoride Free Refill Pack

Mouthwash Tablets - Orange - Brushd.

Mouthwash Tablets Orange

Mouthwash Tablets - Lemon - Brushd.

Mouthwash Tablets Lemon

Mouthwash Tablets Refill Pack - Orange - Brushd.

Mouthwash Tablets Refill Orange

Ceramic Toothbrush Holder - Brushd.

Ceramic Toothbrush Holder