I'm so excited that we are able to stock these amazing Bee Revival Kits in our shop.

Bee's are so important in our world, as they pollinate a third of the food we eat and 80% of our plants too!  There has been a massive decline in Bee numbers in recent years and they are now officially an endangered species, so we must all help them out whenever we can.  These Bee Revival Kits are just one of the ways we can help these little fuzz balls.

The Bee Revival Kits are available in either black or gold.  They are a little revival kit on a key ring.  Inside the metal container is a little glass bottle with a tiny cork lid, filled with a refillable Bee Revival solution of distilled water and sugar.

Remember to take your Bee Revival Kit with you wherever you go and when you see a little Bee exhausted and tired on the floor (and if there are no flowers around to place it on) you will be able to give it a couple of drops of the sugar solution to give it some energy and help it on its way!  Amazing! 🐝

Bee Revival Kits - BEEVIVE

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